Why You Need This Map

You have likely heard about 'MAP'.

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If not I will tell you a little about this classy program and several reasons I have invested in it and explain why you might want to do the same - become a MAPBACKER.

Map Training

I first became aware of this program when affiliate marketers I respect started recommending it. 


In every case, these guys were making commissions with MAP within days and were enthusiastic about its potential.

I am talking about top affiliates like Kevin Fahey, Tony Shepherd, and Mark Wightly.

When I looked a little deeper I saw the program was developed by John Thornhill, together with Omar and Melinda Martin.  

Now I have bought top-rate training from these in the past and currently still promote John's Ambassador program.

Therefore I knew the quality would be good but needed to know a little more as this isn't a $27 product.

Rather than try and explain the full system I would recommend you watch the webinar here.  Everything is explained.

For those of you who are interested it is worth joining up in the next few days as a MAPBACKER.  That allows you to pay a one-off, rather than an annual fee, and to earn the highest commission rates.

This opportunity to sign up as a backer is only available until the end of April.

Over 600 backers have already signed up, all of them recognising the potential value of MAP.

I will update my progress with the system in future posts.

I recommend you take one hour to watch the webinar and to then make your own decision as to whether this is a good fit for you.

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